Our Five Secrets to a Gorgeous Home Manicure

Let's face it, when you start out doing nails at home, it can be tricky to get that same salon look, feel and longevity. Here's our top five tips to help you troubleshoot issues like peeling and lifting to ensure you're getting a gorgeous mani/pedi using our gel products from home, every time.

1. Prepping the nails is KEY.

To get the salon-look and ensure longevity, prepping the nails correctly before applying gel polish is the most critical step.This means pushing back the cuticle and trimming if necessary, cutting and filing the nails and buffing the nail surface. When you buff the nail surface, you aren’t trying to create a smooth surface, you’re actually trying to rough it up. This will give the gel polish base something to adhere to. If your gel is peeling, your natural nail is probably too smooth underneath. 

2. No SOAP!

So you’ve prepped your nails and you’ve got ‘nail dust’ all over your fingers. It’s definitely a good idea to give your hands a quick wash, but don’t use soap! Most soaps have many oils and ingredients that will disturb the way the base coat will adhere to your nail. Wash with water only, make sure they are thoroughly dry and you’re good to go!

3. You may need to alter your routine depending on the type of nails you have.

In the same way that your skincare routine differs from your BFFs because you’ve got different skin types, your nail routine also may be different. 

If you’ve got quite hard, thick nails you’re likely going to find that doing a typical bottom base coat, colour coat and top coat is perfectly fine.

But if you’ve got thinner, brittle nails, you may need to do a few extra steps to ensure you get the most out of your manicure. We suggest doubling or tripling up your base coat to thicken up your nail before moving onto the colour coat. If you find that your nail is still bending after you’ve finished your colour, you may need to apply two top coats. Trial different application methods until you find a routine that works for your nails!

4. Remove any gel you get on your skin before curing.

If there is any gel around the nail on the skin, not only does it look a little nasty, it’s going to lift up and peel away. If you get gel polish on your skin go in with a small, clean brush and a little acetone or slip solution (if you’ve got some on hand) and gently remove it.

5. Apply the gel polish in thin layers - especially when working with darker colours.

If you apply the gel polish too thick you will have trouble curing the nails under the light and it will lead to bubbling, lifting and peeling. This is especially important when using a dark colour as the light has to penetrate through heavier pigment and naturally takes longer to cure. You don’t need to apply the polish so thin that it is sheer, but you shouldn’t have to do more than two coats with our gels.


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