Top Gifts for Her 2020: 10 Chrissy Presents She Will Love

1. For The Trendy Wendy: Gelato Nails Australia Kit

Gelato Nails Australia's Poly Gel and Gel Polish kits are the perfect gift. Ok, we are a little biased but hear us out... not only are you giving the gift of a flawless year-round manicure, you’re also saving a special someone time and money because finding time to get to the nail salon isn’t always easy and it’s damn expensive.

2. The Snuggle Bug: Weighted Blanket

Give the gift of stress relief and a sense of calm. Weighted blankets aren’t just the latest wellness gimmick... they really do work. However, they can be a bit pricey for for blanket. Shop around online to find the best deal. Australian brand Calm Blanket are offering 50% off their range on Black Friday.

gifts for her 2020

3. For The Techy-Becky: Wireless Charger Pad

In 2020, we’ve all got gadgets galore and being able to charge all of our electronics in one place wirelessly is a dream come true.

gifts for her 2020

4. For The Jill-of-all-trades: Masterclass Subscription

Give the gift of knowledge this year with an online subscription that enables users to learn from the best in the biz. Masterclass is the ideal gift for that go-getter of the group.

christmas gifts for girls 2020

5. For The One With Big Plans: Personalised 2021 Diary

Spice up a gifting season favourite by making it personal. There are a variety of online shops that offer customisable options for diaries, planners and notebooks.

gifts for her 2020 australia

6. For the Busy Lizzy: Dryer Brush

A 2020 TikTok fav! Dryer brushes have been so hot this year and a 2-in-1 drying and styling solution is exactly what your time-poor friend NEEDS in their life. 

gifts for her 2020 australia

7. For the Workout Warrior: Home Workout Kit

Due to lockdown restrictions, many of us have been forced to up our home workout game. This ultimate home workout kit is designed especially to target the tushie and offers a bun-burning workout from the comfort of home.

gifts for her 2020

8. For the Culinary Queen: Microgreens Kit

Convenience, conscience and a Culinary Queen’s dream. Many of us would love to have a big herb garden or veggie patch but in suburbia or in the city, it’s just not possible. These little greens are full of flavour, pack a nutritional punch and are perfect for the urban gardener or cook.

christmas gifts for women 2020

9. For the Party Animal: Capsule Cocktail Maker

We all love cocktails but sometimes making them at home can be expensive, messy and time-consuming. Enter: the Bartisan Cocktail Maker. This genius capsule appliance is the perfect gift for the entertainer of the group so they can spend less time shakin’ and more time sippin’. 

gifts for her 2020

10. For the Skincare Savant: Rose Quartz Skincare Tools

Skin-loving tools like the Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha are becoming increasing popular because of their countless beauty and wellbeing benefits. Through gentle massage, these tools boost circulation and help skincare to penetrate the skin. Plus, it just feels really nice. 

gifts for her 2020 christmas

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