Why D.I.Y. Beauty is Here to Stay

Although our new norm has inspired many of us to seek out quality at-home beauty solutions, experts suspect D.I.Y. beauty isn’t just a COVID-19 fad, it’s “here to stay”.
Celebrity Makeup Artist Lekha Gupta told Pinkvilla.com: “What started off as a temporary solution to battle beauty requirements during the pandemic has now become a question of personal choice and I feel this choice is here to stay.”
Gelato Nails Australia
Lekha, we are totally on the same page.
There’s no better feeling than the sense of achievement after accomplishing a project you’ve completed yourself. Our Gelato D.I.Y. Polygel kits allows you to tap into your creativity and become a nail artist from the comfort of your own home. 
Another major plus: DIY is inexpensive. The current pandemic has left many of us strapped for cash and D.I.Y. is the savvy savers alternative to all kind of in-store treatments. Doing it yourself eliminates the recurring cost you would pay if you were to get your nails done at a salon every couple of weeks.  
Finally, Gelato D.I.Y. nail kits allow you to have much-deserved ‘me time, any time. Forget rushing to the salon during business hours and being hurried out the door, our kits allow you to have your self-care moment whenever YOU want.
Convinced to try D.I.Y. ? We can’t wait for you to have salon-quality nails at home. Join our VIP list to receive a notification when we launch in September and to go in the running to WIN A FREE KIT.

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