Our Brand Story

Once upon a time (June 2018 to be precise), we set off on a journey (rite of passage Contiki tour) to Italy...

 From the ruins of Rome to the glittering Amalfi Coast, we indulged in some of life’s finest G-words: Giorgione, Gucci, and of course... Gelato. We were awe-inspired by the country’s beauty—both man-made and natural🙌. 
You know that little twinkle you feel deep inside when you’re overcome by the feeling of wonder? Well, in Italy, it’s constant. Every bite of food makes your taste buds do the Macarena 🍝 and when you turn a corner you see something so beautiful you think you could never see anything quite so extraordinary and in your life... but then you turn another corner... 🏛
We didn’t know at the time but we were making the memories that would inspire the branding and spirit of our very own company two years later. Celebrating experimentation, adventure and maybe even a little misadventure, Gelato Cosmetics is all about putting the excitement of D.I.Y. back into your beauty routine and rediscovering the fun of it all like a kid in a candy shop🍭, or a young woman in a Gelateria in Italy with her best friend👯‍♂️. 
La Dolce Vita, friends.
With love,
Ren & Mon xx